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Profit Sensation

Usually observed rolling days certain where the movement of the currency pairs are relatively slow or moving in a narrow frame and sometimes may affect the rolling thing of boredom if the market is slow for two consecutive days , for example , but then surprised rolling action marriages slow hundreds of points without stopping in a short time , Why ?

This phenomenon is a commonplace in the currency market ( Forex ) and states that the low volumes lead to trading volumes are high, rolling to be aware of this phenomenon well , where it was noted that many of the traders become bored in the event that the market movement slow Vioagafoa from trading on that day then surprised the violent movements that followed the former calm and they have wasted the opportunity to enter these strong moves .

This may be a phenomenon also derived from the theory of trend correction , which states : ” Each Trend followed by a correction and every correction followed by a new trend ,” and the patch is often his tight , slow and sideways The trend context to impulsive move , strength and the direction is clear , so the correction is to move slow and boring for the market and is always followed by a strong move not a trend .

In summary, this article is the need for attention to the movements slow and narrow, which moves in the form of channels forming horizontal because often the price reached the end of an explosion of a powerful trends .

One of the biggest problems faced by most traders is fear. Fear is a powerful emotion and can easily affect on our business . There are several different reasons that can cause the appearance of fear , and every one of those reasons may lead to losses and wrong decisions .

The most obvious fear is the fear of loss. This fear is attacked in two ways . The first way and most obvious is that you lose some of the commercial capital of your own, and if your investment is very important for you , as perhaps might be dedicated to future bills , is your response may be a sense of panic . And the answer to this is to ensure that capital your trading independently without affecting you or your family in the lifestyle . If you are using a mortgage for the next month of trading , you should stop immediately.

One of the best ways to overcome fear is to improve your trading as much as you can, and is committed to a plan and stick to trading regardless of the results of each individual . It should be your goal is to connect your trades your Profit Sensation strategy quite as much as you can.

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